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Vertical Aeroponic Grow System

What is an AEROSYSTEM?

The Aerosystem is a revolutionary, aeroponic vertical garden. Proofs of aeroponics are well established, it is the most efficient method of cultivation available on the market. It is a better mixture of oxygen and nutrients to the root level which makes this technique so productive.

The world’s first rotary vertical garden revolutionizes this technique. Never was the root system’s space so large and clean. Moreover, the vertical position of the sprayers eliminates much of their sedimentation and of the inner walls of the Aerosystem it self. This also makes the system extremely easy to clean and less propitious to the development of insects and other harmful bacteria.

The Aerosystem can hold up to 120 plants in an area of 16 feet (48’’ x 48’’). Each of the 120 sites host a 3in meshed basket containing a growth medium depending on the user’s choice. Hydroton or rockwool are just two examples of substrates that can be used. Each basket is covered in white and hides the substrate from light and there by prevents the development of algae.

The rotation of the Aerosystem greatly eliminates excessive heat on the plant. The rotation and the external growth system ensure easy access and maintenance.
The Aerosystem is designed to be installed in series, which is why the pump, reservoir, timer, substrate and lighting are not included. Green Diamond recommends using a ½ hp pump that can provide up to 6 Aerosystems, a reservoir of 80 litres minimum for each Aerosystem and a repeat cycle timer. We also recommend the use of Green Diamond wall brackets to fix your lighting system.

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